WayPay was created by Phoenix Web Solutions and is a new service to open up Stripe to the public without any coding experience. It allows a simple system to sell items through a secure website. WayPay do not store any card information nor customer information, this is held by the sellers only.

Our goal is to open up selling to anyone without the need for a complicated eCommerce shop. Also make people more aware of Stripe a service that offers lower payment charges than other popular systems.

We aim to open up the system to a subscription based system to allow the development of more features, currently we have the following listed as subscription based services:

  • Customise-able product pages – Custom backgrounds and font colours
  • Subscription based products – Recurring payments
  • No restriction on the amount of products
  • Listing pages of all products for the seller
  • Added to a general listing page for the general public to review and pick from.

We want to promote and encourage small independent businesses to grow and sell online.