WayPay the easy way to get payments


WayPay is a way to share a link for a product you create. This link will allow you to share this link via Facebook or a general site and it allow your customers pay by card for something you offer.

This can be used for general selling or deposits and even subscriptions. We use a payment gateway called Stripe, its a well know system and most people use it and do not even know that they do. Companies like Amazon.co.uk, Asos, Twitter and kickstarter are just a few companies that use the payment gateway.

We allow you to process sales into your own Stripe account, we just act as the middle company that allows you to sell products when you haven’t a eCommerce platform to do it yourself. We have customers using it successfully on platforms like Facebook where they setup products and service links and link them to WayPay to process.


Stripe Partners

How does it work…


It is quite simple really:

  • Setup an account with WayPay
  • Link your Stripe account to WayPay
  • Create a product with an image, Short description and price
  • Share the link or attach the link to other services like Facebook
  • Customers click you link and then add their card details into the product link form
  • Money goes into your Stripe payment

We will be introducing more membership levels with extra features like subscription setups, customise the product page colour and font and much more..